New Upload Resume Feature For Job Seekers

Upload Your Resume
You can now upload your resume directly to AnyoneHiring. Your resume can be a MS Word document, Adobe PDF, and many others. You still have the option to use one of our already popular methods: Resume Builder and copy/paste.

Why Upload Your Resume?
When you upload your resume file to our servers, the content will be stored in our database and searchable by employers. This makes it much easier for employers to find you to fill their position. It only takes a minute and we include formatting tools so you can ensure your resume looks professional online.

All of the common file formats are accepted: .doc, .docx, .rtf, .txt and .pdf file formats.

How to upload your resume on AnyoneHiring
You can upload your resume using the new Upload feature on your My Resumes page. Once you log in, click the the Your Profile & Resume tab, then My Resumes. Then click the Add Resume button and select Upload. That’s it!

Visit your My Resumes page now

Note: There is a maximum of 5 resumes. If you already have 5 created, the Add Resume button will not appear. You will need to remove one of your resumes.

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